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Who was the most dangerous Polish murderer?

przez Tomasz

Leszek Pękalski, known as the Vampire from Bytów, was convicted in 1996 for the murder of one person, but during the trial they tried to prove him 17 murders, and he confessed to 70 or even 90. During the trial, however, he withdrew his testimony. He was slightly handicapped from birth, willing to talk about his murders in details that only the killer could know. If we take into account at least some of the murders he confessed, Pękalski (currently locked up in the center in Gostynin) is the worst Polish murderer.

However, in terms of the record number of murders for which the perpetrator was convicted, Zdzisław Marchwicki, the “Vampire from Zagłębie” should be considered, who from 1964 to 1970 was to kill 14 women in Upper Silesia and attempted murder of 6 more. In 1974 Marchwicki was found guilty He was accused of acts and sentenced to death, but to this day there are opinions that he was in fact innocent (the trial was a show for the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic, because one of the victims was Jolanta Gierek, niece of Edward Gierek, the first secretary of the Polish United Workers’ Party KW).

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