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Which sea is the largest?

przez Tomasz

There are several candidates for the largest sea in the world, depending on the definition of “sea” we adopt.

  • The Arctic Sea (approx. 15.5 million km²) is sometimes called the largest sea in the world, but many say it is an Ocean, not a sea.
  • The Austro-Asian Mediterranean Sea is more than 9 million km². It includes many smaller seas, such as the South China Sea, Arafura and Banda. It is more of a group of seas in the Southeast Asia region than the sea as such.
  • The Philippine Sea is the first of these candidates for which there is no “controversy”. It covers an area of ​​approximately 5.7 million km² and stretches from the eastern shores of the Philippines and Taiwan to the southern shores of Japan.

Other candidates for the title of the largest sea in the world are: the Coral Sea (east-north coast of Australia, 4.8 million km²), the Arabian Sea (3.86 million km²) or the Sargasso Sea (3.5 million km²)

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