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Which animals hibernate

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Some animals during the winter fall into hibernation, thus expecting the arrival of warmer days and more, easy to obtain food. Everyone knows practically that such species are bears. Which other animals, apart from bears, hibernate?


Bumblebees have a very interesting and strategic life cycle. Some of them hibernate, some simply die. When warmer days come, the bumblebee queens wake up and emerge from burrows dug in the ground. Then, they lay eggs. New queens mate with males, and when winter comes, they hibernate to recreate the entire cycle in spring. Old queens, workers and males die with the onset of winter. Bumblebees hibernate for up to nine months.


Hedgehogs prepare for a winter sleep called lethargy before the onset of winter. They spend it in forest hideouts. During lethargy, hedgehogs lower the body temperature by adjusting to the ambient temperature. Interestingly, during winter, hedgehogs can move, but in a very limited way. The hedgehog’s lethargy lasts for about seven months.


Marmots spend hibernation in their burrows for almost half a year, until April or early May. During hibernation, they mainly sleep and can lower the body temperature from about 36 degrees, even to 3.4 degrees Celsius (source).


Moths are relatively short-lived and often do not survive to winter. However, if they did not die before the colder days arrive, the adults will enter a period of hibernation (inactivity). Interestingly, the larvae that were laid before winter will not hatch until their food source in the form of flower nectar is replenished.

There are, of course, also other animals not on our list that hibernate, such as gophers, badgers, raccoons, squirrels and hamsters. We cordially encourage you to expand your knowledge also on other websites and in various scientific publications devoted to animals and their behavior during winter.

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