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Where did the tradition of Palm Sunday come from?

przez Tomasz

We always celebrate Palm Sunday a week before Easter – this holiday begins Holy Week. It is a movable holiday in the Christian calendar that may fall between March 15 and April 15. Where did the tradition of blessing palms come from on this day? It is a memorial of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. When he rode a donkey into the holy city, the people threw palm branches at his feet. The custom of blessing palms is related to the symbol of the reborn life, but also of the martyrdom of Jesus.

It is celebrated in many Christian countries, not only in Poland. It first appeared in France, around the 7th century, and in the 11th century it was introduced into the liturgy of the Catholic Church. So it is a very old custom, related to the beginning of Christianity in our country. In many Polish cities, contests are organized for the biggest or the most beautiful palm tree, incl. in the village of Łyse in the voivodeship Mazowieckie – the most colorful celebrations of Palm Sunday are celebrated in Kurpie.

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