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What is the highest mountain in Poland?

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The highest peak in Poland is located in the Tatra Mountains – the highest mountain range in Poland. It is the “Rysy” peak located on the border between Poland and Slovakia, 2499 meters above sea level.

Rysy is only the tenth highest peak in the Tatras. The highest peak of this mountain range is Gerlach, which is 2,654 meters above sea level. There are as many as 60 peaks in the Tatras above 2,400 meters above sea level.

An interesting fact is that Rysy is formed by three peaks, the highest of them is 2503 m above sea level. but it is already on the Slovak side. It is 4 meters higher than the highest Polish peak.

The highest mountain (fully located in Poland) in Poland is Kozi Wierch, the peak of which is 2,291 meters above sea level.

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