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What is the difference between a kitchen absorber and a cooker hood?

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There are two terms for kitchen hoods on the market – the absorber and the extractor. Do these words mean the same or are there any differences?

The overall task of a cooker hood is to get rid of bad smells that arise in the kitchen during cooking. Both the hood and the absorber fulfill this role, but in two slightly separate ways.

Kitchen hood

The cooker hood is connected to the chimney shaft or ventilation via a special pipe through which it “draws” air from the room to the outside. Thanks to that. fumes are blown out of the kitchen. The hood draws in air and blows it through the exhaust pipe.

Kitchen absorber

The kitchen absorber, on the other hand, has no direct connection to ventilation. Therefore, it does not blow air outside the room. Its task is to filter unpleasant odors. The absorbers are equipped with special carbon filters through which air is passed. Carbon filters eliminate aromas and thus the absorber returns clean air back to the room.

The decision whether we should buy an extractor or an absorber for our kitchen usually depends on the design of the room. Often it is not possible to lead the pipe from the hood to the chimney. This is especially the case with kitchen islands. In some cases, we also do not want to make such a connection for the sake of saving space. In such situations, we can decide on a kitchen hood that does not need such a connection.

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