Strona główna Medicine What is an mRNA vaccine?

What is an mRNA vaccine?

przez Tomasz

MRNA vaccines are based on modern technology used in some preparations against COVID-19 – incl. in vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Unlike the older generation vaccines, mRNA vaccines do not rely on the method of implanting a fragment or all of the virus in a neutralized form (no longer capable of causing disease). Instead, they provide the body with a specific viral mRNA code, that is, this “information” or “note” on the basis of which antibodies will be produced. genetic.

MRNA vaccines, which have been tested since the 1990s, are completely safe. They are also based on a research method, which is much faster than in the case of classic vaccines, in which the virus must be cultivated and a method of its neutralization developed. Here it was enough to isolate its genes and develop a method by which it survived until it was administered to the patient in a vaccine. It is thanks to this modern technology that it was possible to create vaccines against COVID-19 in such record time. The first country to begin vaccination was Great Britain.

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