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What gods did the Slavs believe?

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One of the most important Slavic gods was Perun. It was a thunder god (the word comes from the name of Perun, not the other way around), similar to the Norse Thor or the Greek Zeus. It is known that he was professed in Rus – the religion of the Slavs in Poland could be different from that of our eastern neighbors. In turn, the Polabian Slavs worshiped a deity with four faces named Świętowit (Światowid), who by most researchers is considered a local variant of Perun.

Weles was also very important for the Slavs, who – unlike Perun who lived in heaven – ruled from under the earth and was the god of magic, the dead and cattle (“Wołos”).

Another important deity of the Slavs is Swaróg, sometimes equated with Dajbog, who was probably the deity of fire and sun.

Mokosz is the only important female deity in the Slavic pantheon. It was associated with the cult of fertility and agriculture. Perhaps her male counterpart was Jaryło.

Chors, in turn, is a god who is sometimes considered the sun god (equated with Swarog-Dajbog), and sometimes – the god of the moon.

Unfortunately, a lot of information about the mythology of the Slavs and the deities they worship is in the sphere of assumptions, because we have few sources to recreate them.

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