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What breed of dogs is the most expensive?

przez Tomasz

Probably the most expensive dog in history was a Tibetan Mastiff and was sold in 2014 for a staggering $ 2 million. Its buyer was a Chinese representative of the construction industry. Tibetan Mastiffs, especially in China, achieve dizzying prices, which is related to the local beliefs – it is believed that these wise and faithful dogs contain the soul of a Tibetan monk. In addition, there are only a few dozen purebred representatives of this breed in the world. Fortunately, if we want to be the owners of this furry dog in Poland, we do not have to be automatically millionaires – the average price in our country is around PLN 7,000, depending on the purity of the breed.

It may be more expensive in Poland to buy a samoyed, i.e. a dog bred in Siberia, for which we can pay even several thousand zlotys. These vigorous and cold-resistant animals, however, need a lot of exercise and are known to run far away from their masters – they can run for miles without a break.

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