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What are the most popular types of women’s wallets?

przez Tomasz

Folding wallets

They come in different versions – folded in two or three parts. Sometimes they have separate pockets fastened with, for example, earwires or a zipper. The whole wallet consists of two parts (bifold) or three parts (trifold) and is usually fastened with a clasp.

Coin wallets

These are small wallets intended mainly for carrying coins – sometimes there are models additionally equipped with pockets for several ATM cards and a compartment for a small note.

Zippered wallets

Large women’s wallets fastened around with a zipper, they look like school pencil cases, hence their colloquial name. Inside, they have a lot of space, mainly for banknotes, cards and documents, and a separate pocket for coins. Due to their capacity, they can sometimes play the role of small bags (clutches).

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