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Screenshot in Windows 10 – 5 ways

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A screenshot, i.e. the so-called Printscreen, allows you to take a “photo” of our screen, which we can then save as a graphic file. How to take a screenshot in Windows 10? Here are 5 different ways. Some shortcuts have the “Windows” key, which is the key with the Windows logo visible and most often to the left of the space bar.

Shift + Windows + S

My favorite way to make a quick screenshot of a selected part of the screen. After pressing the Shift + Windows + S key combination, the screen will darken slightly and we will be able to select the part of the screen that we want to save. At the top of the screen there is an additional panel with options for this tool. We can also take a screenshot of the entire screen, any shape, or a selected window. The screenshot is saved in the cache from where it can be pasted into the body of an email or graphics program. The photo will also appear in the lower right corner of the screen in the notification area, from where you can directly save it to disk.

Windows + PrintScreen

This keyboard shortcut allows, in my opinion, the fastest way to take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it as a picture on the disk. After pressing the Windows + PrintScreen key combination, the screen will dim slightly. The screen of the entire screen will be automatically saved as PNG, in the “Screenshots” folder in the Windows image library (“Pictures” folder).


Pressing the PrintScreen button on your keyboard alone will take a screenshot of your entire screen and cache it. To save the created screen, paste it into a graphics program, eg Paint or Photoshop, using the Ctrl + V (Paste) shortcut. Each subsequent press of the PrintScreen key will delete the previously made screen from the cache and overwrite it with a new one.

Alt + PrintScreen

If we use the Alt + PrintScreen key combination, a screenshot will be made, limited only to the active window. The screen will be saved, just like with the PrintScreen button itself, in the computer’s cache. To save it, you must also paste it into a graphics program.

Snipping Tool

Snipping is the name of a tool that is built into the Windows 10 operating system and allows you to easily take screenshots. Its functionality is similar to using the Shift + Windows + S keyboard shortcut described first. To run the snipping tool, search for it just like any other application installed on your computer. Click the button with the Windows logo (Start) and start typing the word “Cutting”. The advantage of this tool is the easy-to-use graphical user interface. After taking a screenshot, the snipping tool also allows you to easily save the graphic file in the selected place, mark something on the screen with a virtual pen and send it directly as an attachment, by e-mail.

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