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Is Szczecin in Poland by the sea?

przez Tomasz

You can often find claims that the city of Szczecin, Poland is located by the sea. As a resident of this city, I will gladly debunk this myth. Szczecin is separated by almost 100 km from the sea – it is about 85 km to one of the closer seaside resort Międzyzdroje (by car). In a straight line, the center of Szczecin is 55 km from the shore of the Baltic Sea. So no tram or bus of local public transport goes there :) From Szczecin to the sea you can get by train, buses of various commercial carriers, or by car.

As a curiosity, even though Szczecin is not located directly on the seashore, part of the Odra River (the section from the castle route to the north) is classified as internal sea waters :)

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