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How to replace the battery in the car?

przez Tomasz
  • Open the hood. Make sure that the handbrake is on, the keys are removed from the ignition switch, and all power consumers (radio, lights) are turned off.
  • Disconnect the negative pole marked with a (-) sign. Using a wrench (most often 10 mm in size), loosen the clamp and slide the cable off.
  • Disconnect the positive pole marked with a (+) sign. Proceed in the same way as in the previous point. Take care that the cables do not touch each other.
  • Unscrew the extra battery fasteners (you may need a wrench for this).
  • Take it out and carefully lay it on the ground.
  • Check the battery shelf – if it is dirty, corroded, etc. It’s a good time to clean it.
  • Insert a new battery and attach it securely.
  • Connect the positive cable.
  • Connect the negative cable.
  • Ready!

The above instruction will not be valid for all cars. Unfortunately, in many new vehicles, replacing the battery is only possible at the service and you cannot do it yourself.

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