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How tall is the giraffe?

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The giraffe is the tallest land animal in the world. Anyone who has not seen a giraffe in fact has probably wondered how tall is a giraffe?

We have collected for you complete information not only about the average height, but also how tall the female and male of the giraffe are. The height of a young giraffe at birth and the height of the tallest giraffe in the world.

Average male giraffe height?

Most often, when someone asks how tall a giraffe is, they mean the average height of this animal. The average male giraffe is between 5 and 6 meters tall.

How tall is a female giraffe?

Female giraffes are slightly shorter than males. They grow up to an average height of 4.6 meters.

The height of the giraffe right after birth.

The newborn giraffe is the tallest newborn in the animal world. Immediately after birth, the giraffe’s baby is 1.8 meters tall.

How tall was the tallest giraffe in the world?

The tallest recorded giraffe in the world was about 19 feet tall (5.8 meters) and was named George. She was kept at Chester Zoo in England.

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