Strona główna Bez kategorii How much does a 5 zloty coin weigh?

How much does the largest Polish coin, i.e. 5 zlotys, weigh? The dimensions, weight and alloy of which Polish coins are made are defined by the National Bank of Poland (NBP).

A single coin with a face value of 5 zlotys weighs exactly 6.54 g. Its diameter is 24 mm.

How much does 1000 zlotys in 5 zlotys weigh?

As a curiosity, we also give you how much 1000 PLN would weigh if you wanted to pay with 5 PLN coins only. 1000 zlotys is 200 coins with a denomination of 5 zlotys. 200 coins weighing 6.54 grams each give us a total weight of 1308 grams. So 1000 zlotys in coins of 5 zlotys will weigh 1.3 kilograms.

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