Strona główna History How many wives did Henry VIII have?

How many wives did Henry VIII have?

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Henry VIII Tudor was King of England from 1509-1547. The ruler was considered to be a man who could not stand opposition, one of whose main desires was to gain a male heir. This is what contributed to the split with the Roman Catholic Church and the establishment of the Church of England, headed by Henry VIII himself. The king expected his wives to give birth to a son and absolute obedience. As a consequence, two of his marriages ended in the beheading of his spouse, and the result of two others was the annulment of relationships. Henry VIII had a total of six wives, and they were Catherine of Aragon, Anna Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Kleve, Katarzyna Howard, and Katarzyna Parr. In 2017, the musical Six had its premiere, a modernized story about the fate of the six wives of Henry VIII.

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