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How fast does a mushroom grow after rain?

przez Tomasz

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of how long does the mushroom grow. According to observers, soft mushrooms, such as, for example, butterflies, grow the fastest. Hard mushrooms, such as boletus or bay boletes, grow much slower.

For example, in good weather conditions, the bolete needs about 8-10 hours to grow to the size of a 2 zloty coin. It can therefore be assumed that after an afternoon rain on a warm, autumn day, we can go for fresh mushrooms in the morning of the next day.

Temperature and humidity have a great influence on the speed of mushroom growth. Mushroom pickers estimate that the cold temperature can slow the growth of the fungus many times over.

As we mentioned at the beginning, different types of mushrooms also have different growth rates, harder mushrooms such as boletus mushrooms take longer to rise. According to experienced mushroom pickers, boletus mushrooms take about two days to grow to a size of about 5-8 cm. The tiny ones will appear after one day.

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